Modular Architecture

Modular architecture began its research activity in 1999, fully imposing itself on the Spanish national market at the beginning of 2004, entering into a franchise regime at the end of 2006. In 2009 it began the internationalization process, reaching Central markets in 2010. America and South America, it is at this time where it is imposed in the Central American market from its headquarters in Panama. It is currently in full global expansion with offices in Spain, Panama and the United States.
Design, technology, marketing, construction and logistics together make it possible to create modular and transportable homes.


The fundamental value of our company is its human capital, highly qualified professionals capable of facing the highest market demands.


In the Construction of our Modular Homes we use our patented THACS (THERMO ACUSTIC SYSTEM).
Our construction technique is proven effective, valuing the best aspects of the different existing construction systems to achieve buildings with the highest level of comfort, skill and robustness.


We build Modular Homes in different types of aesthetics and finishes, both exterior and interior, giving total guarantee to successfully face all the projects that our clients demand of us.

Why your home with us?

1.- Closed Budget.
2.- Exact explanation of how you are going to build your home and with what materials.
3.- Accuracy in the termination date.
4.- Excellent finishes
5.- Personalized attention.
6.- Exclusive designs.
7.- Own human teams.
8.- Flexibility in the purchase and choice of materials.
9.- We adapt to the client's needs.
10.- Large format industrialized modules, reduction of logistics costs


Choice of housing

Choosing the home that suits your needs is the first step to follow.

Our team of professionals gives you "a closed budget" and, later, the contract is signed, agreeing on the form of payment to follow.

Project design.

Our technical department carries out your projects together with the client, providing all the information and ideas you need.
They meet periodically to examine the entire project (design, realization, transportation, etc.) in order to calculate the exact time of execution and delivery.

Building process.

During Construction, our technical team supervises the correct execution of the different phases.
The time it will take to dispose of your home will be
90 days.

Finished House.

When the house is finished, the head of its production meets with the client to comment and deliver the building book.

Home delivery.



You will enjoy and enjoy the home you have chosen at the price you have calculated and in the place you have wanted.

"Previous agreement with the Carrier"

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Arquitectura Modular
Arquitectura Modular
Arquitectura Modular
Arquitectura Modular
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